Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Pictures

This tuesday morning we received updated photos of Xiao Zhi Meng. I have mixed feelings about these pictures. First, I am thrilled to have the updated photos. But secondly, I feel that monstrous pull to pick her up and hold her. The environment does look a little austere. So, I will be reading up about sensory issues just to be on the safe side. Third, I just got use to my baby being 12 months in her last photos it was kind of a jolt to see her age 5 months in 1 week! As much as you try to say "OK this referral photo is of her at twelve months and she is almost seventeen months now" it is actually really hard to visualize the difference. I just can't get her home fast enough. Now, that I have said all that, don't you think she is ooh so very, very pretty? And I am very happy to see she looks healthy too.


Norma said...

i hope the time passes quickly and you can put a smile on that sweet little face. you will be overjoyed to see how soon these sweet children blossom with the love and attention they so deserve. good luck and God speed.

J said...

So cute!! We got a referral picture of our daughter sitting on that same toy. You can see it here: