Monday, July 21, 2008


Before I forget, the picture on the right is one of my daughter's orphanage. It is a little more colorful than the pictures I posted earlier and does not make it quite so austere. We were told in our write up that Zhi Meng likes to watch TV. We were told that Zhi Meng likes to watch TV twice in the same write up. Somehow, this picture in my mind of all the kids in walkers running over to get the best TV viewing place brings a smile to my face.

I am now in my list making mode for the trip. Making flash cards both for the baby and for us in Mandarin, Pin Yin, English; Milestones for 10 to 20 month olds; different bonding and sensory games -If you have a bonding or sensory game that you would recommend please feel free to comment, I would really appreciate any of your tips. One that I did and enjoyed with our first was to put the same scented (lavender in this case) baby location on us and on her blanket. So even when we changed hotels there was one common smell on us.

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Simplifying me said...

No bonding tips here. Love the lavendar idea. Thought about suggesting whisky instead but they may not let you take that precious girl home :). So skip that suggestion please.
I am so excited that you are starting the journey. Must truly be an amazing feeling.
I miss you.