Saturday, June 28, 2008


Three weeks ago I was in a frenzy. A dachshund obsessed with chasing his own tail kind of frenzy. For all of a sudden, the name we had picked over three years ago did not fit anymore. Let me restate that, the baby name not fitting came creeping slowly, but the desire to find a new name came suddenly and urgently and finding a new name became my obsession. After two weeks of the "baby name of the day," staying up to 2am checking baby name websites, pouring through books of all kinds (Arthurian quests, baby name books, books on birds, on flowers, dictionaries, thesaurus, a few romance novels and more) and then one evening we found it. Once we said her name out loud that was it. It was if warm honey poured over me and now I peacefully sit and wait to hear of our referral. Which, as I write this, may very well be in a DHL package headed to my adoption agency. We might find out as early as Monday our daughter's Chinese name and age and where in the great world of China she is living.... while we are waiting; patiently and quietly as a hummingbird at rest.

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